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BDSM Mask Cat BDSM Mask Cat
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BDSM Mask Cat


Do you want to become a seductive kitty? This mask will do even more: It will reveal your potential,..

BDSM Mask Rabbit BDSM Mask Rabbit
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BDSM Mask Rabbit


Leather rabbit mask lovers and novice seducers will need such an essential accessory. It is made of ..

BDSM Mask Mouse BDSM Mask Mouse
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BDSM Mask Mouse


Leather mouse mask has large round ears attached to the top. You are provided with the look of an in..

    Are you ready to try something more daring and bold? Something that will show your true self and help to achieve the most phenomenal pleasure. Something you wanted to fulfill but was shy to start. Free your inner desire, and show your deepest and darkest fantasies of the yet unknown self with a BDSM hood designed to bring you pleasure and impress your partner. Genuine leather is the material that softly touches the skin granting an additional pleasant feeling and sensation. A bondage blindfold is a must-have for both connoisseurs and beginners. It is a real game-changer that broadens possible scenarios of the play and is simply able to teach you a thing or two. Passion and seductiveness, boldness, and new experience - this is all you need to take your intimate relationship to a completely new level. Leather blindfolds will help you to open a new world and discover the sensual and thrilling side of sensory deprivation. You would feel the increased pleasing tension arising, other senses trying to compensate for what eyes cannot see. Such an essential and necessary accessory is the best item that helps you to focus on the process and feelings, not to worry about minor stuff, and trust your partner 100%. You can surprise your lover and be in charge, you can tease and please or ask to be a victim and get ready to obey - it could be vice versa. 

    Such an exclusive accessory will increase the level of sensitivity - you will remember each and every touch that would spark your imagination and make you beg for more. A handmade leather blindfold is the best solution when it comes to diversifying the routine, adding an element of mystery and ceaseless excitement. Whether you've tried any of the BDSM elements or already practicing it, this element would not leave you indifferent. In fact, you will love it.