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BDSM 2 Point Fixation Evu BDSM 2 Point Fixation Evu
Sale -26%

BDSM 2 Point Fixation Evu


This leather fixation for cuffs promises an unforgettable BDSM experience for you and your partner. ..

BDSM Ball Gag Black BDSM Ball Gag Black
Sale -10%

BDSM Ball Gag Black


Make your partner silent beautifully and dominantly: our comfortable and so seductive BDSM mouth gag..

BDSM Ball Gag Red BDSM Ball Gag Red
Sale -18%

BDSM Ball Gag Red


If you are looking for a reliable and practical gag, we recommend buying the BDSM Ball Gag Red with ..

BDSM Ball Gag San BDSM Ball Gag San
Sale -8%

BDSM Ball Gag San


This charming accessory will not let you be bored for a minute. Stylish, flexible, and able to adapt..

BDSM Bondage Set Kup BDSM Bondage Set Kup
Sale -34%

BDSM Bondage Set Kup


The universal bondage set Kup is a great choice for couples who are constantly trying something new ..

BDSM Bondage Set Lam BDSM Bondage Set Lam
Sale -26%

BDSM Bondage Set Lam


Do you want your partner to be completely in your power? Then you need to buy a collar with handcuff..

BDSM Bondage Set Nora BDSM Bondage Set Nora
Sale -15%

BDSM Bondage Set Nora


Has sex become routine for you? We offer you a new version of the relationship based on dominance an..

BDSM Bow Harness BDSM Bow Harness
Sale -25%

BDSM Bow Harness


Create unforgettable moments with a sexy leather harness being a part of your sexual experience. A b..

BDSM Chain Harness BDSM Chain Harness
Sale -14%

BDSM Chain Harness


A bondage chain harness is an accessory that will make you shine. This is a must-have for women who ..

BDSM Choker Dire BDSM Choker Dire
Sale -36%

BDSM Choker Dire


Recently, the unexpectedly inflamed trend for chokers made a splash. Having become terribly popular ..

BDSM Choker Eva BDSM Choker Eva
Sale -36%

BDSM Choker Eva


Are you ready to get a game-changer for your intimate life? A BDSM choker collar is an accessory tha..

BDSM Choker Pera BDSM Choker Pera
Sale -26%

BDSM Choker Pera


This submissive choker for women is made out of genuine leather, decorated with ring and stud, and i..

BDSM Choker Tera Black BDSM Choker Tera Black
Sale -33%

BDSM Choker Tera Black


Complete your collection of kinky accessories by adding a fantastic sub choker- an essential element..

BDSM Choker Tera Red BDSM Choker Tera Red
Sale -26%

BDSM Choker Tera Red


A submissive choker necklace would be not only a beautiful accessory to complete your outfit, but al..

BDSM Choker Tina BDSM Choker Tina
Sale -33%

BDSM Choker Tina


An essential accessory for couples that practice BDSM is a necklace or collar. Such an accessory ser..